Notebook Side Fold, Oak

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High quality textile bound notebook with patterned lining and blank pages.

Tough, tactile cover, made from proper book cloth. Lay-flat design thanks to the Swiss binding. Glued with “gold”. Handy central seam with 16 pages of contrast colored paper – also unlined. Perfect for separating your doodles and thoughts. Wayfinding ribbon (cut and steamed by our hands) in a lovely contrast color.

OakLimited edition Side Fold Notebook

“Hewn, honed, handsome. From a single acorn, the mighty oak can grow for a thousand years. Symbol of enduring power, oak was the great god Thor´s tree of choice. In myth and legend oaks grow above treasure. In life it´s the tree most likely to… get struck by lightning. Given the oak is strong, hard, rich (in tannins) and dependable, it´s the planet´s go-to timber for furniture, herring barrels, coffins, parquet floors and ships – from Viking longboats to a super-cool house barge.”

Technical Information:

196 unlined pages. Uncoated fine, matte paper, that is FSC®-certified and made from trees from environmentally certified Swedish forests.

Size 21,5 x 17 cm.

Sustainably made in Norway.

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