Notebook Side Fold, Pine

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High quality textile bound notebook with patterned lining and blank pages.

Tough, tactile cover, made from proper book cloth. Lay-flat design thanks to the Swiss binding. Glued with «gold». Handy central seam with 16 pages of contrast colored paper – also unlined. Perfect for separating your doodles and thoughts. Wayfinding ribbon (cut and steamed by our hands) in a lovely contrast color.

PineLimited edition Side Fold Notebook

«Higher and higher. Pine trees don´t hang around. They have been known to clock up growth of half a metre every year, proudly holding on to the number two spot in Norway´s tall timber list. And they need to. Pine wood furniture is as Norwegian as smoked salmon, and every bit as popular, too. With native forests that date back 9000 years, pine wood helped build a global maritime tradition and, with its needle tea packing a vitamin C-rich punch, helped keep sailors scurvy-free.»

Technical Information:

196 unlined pages. Uncoated fine, matte paper, that is FSC®-certified and made from trees from environmentally certified Swedish forests.

Size 21,5 x 17 cm.

Sustainably made in Norway.

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