Notebook Top Fold, Orange

249.00 kr

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High quality textile bound notebook with patterned lining and blank pages.

Tough, tactile cover, made from proper book cloth. Lay-flat design thanks to the Swiss binding. Glued with “gold”. Handy central seam with 16 pages of contrast colored paper – also unlined. Perfect for separating your doodles and thoughts.

Everyday WanderingsTop Fold Notebook

«See the ordinary stuff through fresh eyes. Record your day in words, doodles, found objects, imaginings. Draw y our shadow. What was the first yellow thing you saw today? What is that tree called? Stick in your bus ticket. Tear a pattern along the pages. Let creativity flow.»

Technical Information:

124 unlined pages. Uncoated fine, matte paper, that is FSC®-certified and made from trees from environmentally certified Swedish forests.

Size 14 x 11 cm.

Sustainably made in Norway.